Company Profile

  • According to IMPA and ISSA
  • Just in time delivery
  • All products in stock
  • Success Guaranteed!

Alligator is a dynamic technical 'one stop' wholesale company in maritime, industrial and welding products. Every day we work hard to supply our customers with 15.000 different products from our warehouses in Rotterdam, Singapore, Shanghai and Houston.

The maritime industry is one of our main target groups and ships do not wait!! Flexibility and the ability to quickly anticipate situations are paramount. And this attitude proves helpful to all our customers: fast and accurate delivery!! Short lines, a broad and diversified stock, flexibility and quality are the keynotes of our company.

Alligator has warehouses in Rotterdam, Singapore, Shanghai and Houston. Besides the considerable ‘local’ needs of these international seaports, customers from all countries are served from our premises.


Our large stock of over 15.000 different articles comprises the well-known A-brands, supplemented with our “own” products. To be able to deliver in time, Alligator stocks these specific maritime products in its standard assortment and all according to IMPA and ISSA.