The description “plug valve” or “cock valve” is given to the simplest form of valve comprising a body with a tapered or less frequently a parallel seating into which a plug fits. 

The plug is formed with a through-port. A 90° rotation of the plug fully opens or closes the fluid flow. Cock valves are not as efficient as ball valves and can only operate fully open or closed.

Alligator offers the following cocks:

• Pee cock

• Air cock

• Bib cock

• JIS cock


Check valves allow flow in one direction while blocking flow in the opposite direction. Check valves are also called non-return valves or one-way valves.

• Check valves are normally installed horizontally but swing check valves can be installed vertically, but the valve should be installed with the flow going upwards.

• A foot valve is a check valve with a strainer and mounted in the end of a pipe to prevent suction of dirt from the tank into the pump. The foot valve must be installed vertically.


Valve wheel wrenches are used to provide extra leverage to turn tight valves. For additional force turning valve wheels, our valve wheel wrench allow the operator to free stiff valves more easily.


An indicator valve measure and monitor the cylinder pressure of diesel engine while the engine is running. This is to analyze the condition and effectiveness of the engine. Valve is mounted over each cylinder head of diesel engine. Through a bore the indicator valve is connected to the cylinder. A pressure gauge is connected to indicator port of the valve, Indicator valve is the major tool in working out horsepower rating. Also, useful diagnostic tool to identify problem of injection valve and piston ring leakage work on Pmax and Pcom pressure against piston movement, and the resulting trace is marked onto a piece of treaded paper for a record.

• PMAX is Cylinder maximum pressure.

• PCOM is Cylinder compression pressure.

Alligator only keeps stock of the sleeve packings type AB12, AB18 and AB22

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